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IGT Chairman Erik Paulsen Joins Healthy Future Task Force Treatments Subcommittee Roundtable

On April 28th, IGT Chairman Paulsen joined leaders in Congress on the Healthy Future Task Force Treatments Subcommittee Roundtable. The discussion shed light on the Task Force’s just-released healthcare priorities, which included lowering drug costs, “unleashing new innovative medicines, devices and diagnostics,” and promoting American-made medicines.

In response to the Treatment Subcommittee’s call to “build off bipartisan proposals that allow for innovations in how we pay for curative therapies,” Chairman Paulsen spoke to the need for removing barriers so patients with debilitating illnesses can access life changing new treatments. He also highlighted the MVP Act (H.R. 7389) that was introduced earlier this month and the importance of preserving the FDA’s accelerated approval pathway.

“These are exciting times in medicine and our laws need to keep pace with the science,” said Chairman Paulsen. “Value-based purchasing arrangements (VBP) can and will evolve, but always with the goal of ensuring that reimbursement is based on the value these treatments deliver to patients and our healthcare system over time.”

IGT Patient Advocacy Advisory Council Member Khrystal Davis, Founding President of Texas Rare Alliance, also joined the roundtable and stated, “it’s crucial we continue to find cures for genetic conditions like Huntington’s. They take a huge toll on our healthcare system and a bigger toll on patients’ lives.”

Chairman Paulsen and Khrystal Davis were also joined by Sue Peschin (President & CEO, Alliance for Aging Research) as well as members of the Healthy Future Task Force, Reps. Wenstrup, Joyce, Westerman, Buchanan, and Guthrie.

In case you missed it, view the full roundtable HERE as well as press releases from Congressman Guthrie and Congressman Wenstrup.


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