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Gene therapy is poised to change the future of human health as we know it. 

These transformative therapies have the potential to fundamentally and profoundly reshape the way thousands of diseases are treated with long-lasting – potentially life-long – benefit for patients. The first gene therapies have already been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and many more are currently being studied in clinical trials for rare and common diseases alike.

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For all the excitement, significant challenges threaten to prevent patients from accessing these transformative therapies because the science has advanced more quickly than our healthcare system.

Today, we spend 85 cents of every healthcare dollar managing the symptoms of chronic illnesses over a patient’s lifetime. Gene therapies are potential one-time treatments that offer long-lasting benefits for patients and the healthcare system alike. We must think anew about how they are covered and paid for.

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We are at a crossroads. 

By bringing together experts across the healthcare system, the Institute for Gene Therapies advocates for a modernized regulatory and reimbursement framework that encourages the development of transformative gene therapies and promotes patient access. 

Our advisory council members are crucial to our efforts:

Together, we are catalyzing this important conversation to help ensure patients are given every opportunity to thrive.