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ICYMI: Cure Sickle Cell Disease by 2030?

IGT Scientific, Academic, and Medical Council Chair Dr. Donna Christian-Christensen recently wrote an opinion piece for Inside Sources, saying, "Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra, in remarks last month at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s annual legislative conference, presented an audacious goal: to cure sickle cell disease by 2030. This was an enthusiastically welcomed statement, given that, for generations, sickle cell was largely an ignored disease, characterized by underfunded research, lack of accessible and available treatments, and poor understanding by medical professionals."

"It is distressing that sickle cell disease has devastated and shortened lives for as long as it has, with minimal progress in alleviating the damage it causes. The 100,000 sickle cell patients in the United States, predominantly African-Americans, suffer chronic, often crippling pain, as misshapen blood cells block oxygen to joints and organs, and lifespans for sickle cell patients are 20 years shorter than that of the average American..."

Read the full Op-ed here.


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