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Our Healthcare Policies Must Account for the True Value of Transformative Gene Therapies

By IGT Chairman Erik Paulsen

As more breakthrough gene therapies are developed and brought to market, a critical element in bringing these treatments to patients who may benefit is that of coverage. While the reality of gene therapy is very much among us, there is still a ways to go to appropriately educate patients, providers and payers about the total value of these new treatments and accordingly how they should be assessed and covered by payers.

Each patient is unique. The same holds true for treatments (especially gene therapies) and as such, the way in which they are valued and ultimately paid for cannot be a one-size-fits-all approach.

IGT has developed the following principles and related elements of value as the pillars that will guide our efforts to continue advocating for modernized policies that bolster innovation, improve patient access, ensure coverage, and ultimately account for the true value of these transformative therapies.

Learn more about the unique value of gene therapy here.


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