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ASGCT Policy Summit Brings Together Stakeholders to Address Access Issues

By IGT Director of Health Policy & Advocacy John Feore

This month, I had the opportunity to participate in the American Society of Cell and Gene Therapy (ASGCT) 2023 Policy Summit on behalf of IGT.

I joined a panel discussion, moderated by Sarepta Therapeutics’ VP, Global Health Policy & Government Affairs Diane Berry on, “Patient Access to CGTs: Realities on the Ground” with Nationwide Children's Hospital’s Dr. Michael Story, Hogan Lovells’ Beth Halpern, and Little Hercules Foundation’s Kelly Maynard.

My fellow speakers highlighted the many barriers that providers, patients, and families face each day when trying to access innovative gene and cell therapies, including reimbursement issues for hospitals, care facilities, and infusion sites, preparedness, and resources for patient travel.

As I mentioned during the panel, some of the best ways to combat these issues is to bring the patient voice into the early stages of the review board process – whether it’s at the state or federal level. Many regulatory bodies don’t know enough about these new therapies and the value they bring to patients, families, and caregivers.

This is something we prioritize at IGT by bringing together our corporate, patient advocate, and scientific, academic, and medical advisory councils to speak to the unique value of these therapies.

Many gene therapies will help address unmet medical needs – where there may be limited, inadequate, or often no treatment options. The impact on society and the long-term benefits demonstrates great value and promise for gene therapies.

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